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And I’ve Become a Blogger…Again

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged…almost a year, as it turns out. I never finished my review of Tom Oord’s book, though I will aim to do that since it is still a relatively recent contribution to the question of providence and evil. But this time away from writing has been so absolutely necessary. I was feeling it late last… Read more →

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The Uncontrolling Love of God (Part 1)

Thomas Jay Oord has become one of my favorite theologians and philosophers in recent years. I first came into contact with Oord with his 2009 book Divine Grace and Emerging Creation (Wipf and Stock) and realized we had quite a bit in common. First, we’re both Nazarenes (probably more broadly, Wesleyans who lean in the Nazarene tradition). Second, we both… Read more →


And Why Shouldn’t Planned Parenthood Sell Fetal Parts (If…Then)?

The double standard, or perhaps more correctly, the blind eye turned towards Planned Parenthood was exposed this week with a shocking video release of a Planned Parenthood chief official talking about the sales of fetal parts…It’s a disgusting video because of the content, made even more disgusting by the fact that it’s alledgedly one of the top staff members in… Read more →

FILE - In this Jan. 28, 2014, file photo, Corbin Aoyagi, a supporter of gay marriage, waves a rainbow flag during a rally at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City. More than 1,000 gay and lesbian couples who married in Utah after the state same-sex marriage ban was overturned could get benefits in late July 2014 following a favorable ruling from a federal appeals court. On Friday, July 11, 2014, the 10th Circuit denied Utah’s request for an indefinite delay. Instead, justices gave them only until July 21 to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

8 General Rules For EVERYONE With the Gay Marriage Verdict

I wrote this a few days ago somewhat on a spur of the moment…think it took me ten minutes, but I was completely overwhelmed at the positive feedback it received. Made me realize I should have blogged it… Here are my 8 rules…amended and built on a bit.   1) Be nice to people…simple as that. People on every side… Read more →


Two Years Later

Two years have gone by since I lost her. That very thought does something in me that I can’t really put into words. It’s not that I’m just off put by that recognition or that it doesn’t feel like two years, though that is absolutely true. It’s more like the feeling you get when you know something is inherently wrong… Read more →


John Walton: “The Lost World of Adam and Eve”

Theistic evolutionists are no longer a minority, even among the most conservative evangelicals. Despite conferences, books, and public court hearings intended to bring about a revival in creationist thought, it appears that more and more Christians (especially younger ones) are not seeing the conflict between science and faith others once suggested. But where geology, paleontology, and genetics have all failed… Read more →


Does Genesis 1:1 Support Big Bang Theory?

Nerd Post Alert From John Walton’s book The Lost World of Adam and Eve (IVP: 2015), pp 26-27. The biblical account begins with Genesis 1:1, which is not a description of any actual activity of God. Alternatively, it is widely recognized that Genesis 1:1 serves as a literary introduction to the subject matter that the chapter is going to discuss, stating the… Read more →

Abortion Will Be the 21st Century’s Slavery

Years ago I saw a t-shirt for sale with the picture of an old, gray haired, African-American woman sitting on a stump and dressed in rags. She looked solemn but strong as she held an infant in her arms which was obviously no more than a few months old in development. It was easy to tell, despite the words that… Read more →

Did Jesus Know He Was God?

“I do not think Jesus ‘knew he was God’ in the same sense that one knows one is hungry or thirsty, tall or short. It was not a mathematical knowledge, like knowing that two and two make four; nor was it straigtforwardly observational knowledge, like knowing that there is a bird on the fence outside my room because I can… Read more →

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What Your Body Knows About God

I mentioned in my last post, after coming off of a long hiatus, that this blog would also take a bit of wholistic personal care focus. That means rounding out how the spirit and the devotional life intersects with both psychological and physiological health. In a sense, I am working on something which I think has been often forgotten within… Read more →

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I’m Baaack! (With Some Major Blog Changes!)

About three months ago I decided to step back from writing and just focus purely on some immediate things in my life and simply take some time for personal growth. No writing, no blogging, no speaking, and no serious reading! I just worked, loved my kids, read some good fiction, did laundry, cooked, listened to music, watched football, exercised, talked… Read more →


Going On A Hiatus

I made the decision a few weeks ago to go on an extended hiatus through the holidays and into the new year. If one does not take the time to take care of oneself, one cannot by any means make wise decisions regarding those around you. While blogging has certainly been a priority, I made the decision quite some time… Read more →