Bikers Against Child Abuse

I think it’s always awesome when I see those¬†motorcycle¬†clubs out doing things which we traditionally don’t associate with road hogs. You got a group which just goes to visit elderly ladies. Or you have a club which rides into church bright and early every Sunday morning. A few years ago we were excited to see a group of bikers come out which responded to the picketing events of the Westboro Baptist Church. The association that bikers are just trouble proves false I think more often than it proves true. Lately another motorcycle club has redefined how we think of their activities. Watch the video below (a teaser commercial) and read the article below. Another video is embedded on that page worth watching. Some very good stuff!

  • I appreciate your post regarding this incredible organization. I’ve been with BACA for two years now and it is truly a highpoint in my life so far. I wanted to, however, ask that you change your reference regarding “biker gangs”. This is truly a derogatory term when used to refer to motorcycle clubs, no matter their notoriety. I realize that if you haven’t been directly exposed to this particular part of society there may be some misconceptions, and this is a big one. Neither BACA nor any other MC operating out there is a “motorcycle gang”. We are all simply enthusiasts who choose to ride together in a world that is different from yours. Thanks again for this posting.

  • I saw a crew of these folks at the Casey County Apple Festival. I was quite surprised!