Going On A Hiatus

I made the decision a few weeks ago to go on an extended hiatus through the holidays and into the new year. If one does not take the time to take care of oneself, one cannot by any means make wise decisions regarding those around you. While blogging has certainly been a priority, I made the decision quite some time ago that it would be on the lower end of my priorities, which certainly explains why my posts have been somewhat random and sporadic.on_hiatus

This fall and winter I will be spending some much needing time in personal reconstruction, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I will still be doing some occasional writing for other forums, but personal blogging will take an indefinite hiatus in my life. I will be leaving the site up but will not be checking comments until after the new year.

I will be back, of course, and when I do I hope to come back with some personal correctives, some more maturity, and something more unique.

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!