Meet My Friend Artie (Part 2)

Back a few months ago I asked my friend Artie to do an interview on the blog. I wanted to spread the posts out throughout the past year but life just got really hectic and I did a terrible job organizing out any sort of posting schedule (Post 1 can be found HERE). To Artie, my apologies for inconsistency. Indeed,… Read more →


Why Inerrancy Is a Bad Idea (Part 1): My Personal Story

(As a disclaimer, I am aware that sometimes people use the word ‘inerrancy’ in very different ways [cf. Witherington, The Living Word of God, Walton & Sandy, The Lost World of Scripture]. While as part of this series I will turn to such definitions of the term, my main criticism is simply that they are just not what most people think of… Read more →


When I Stopped Believing in God: How Doubt Gave Me Faith

“Purge the doubt.” That’s the general sentiment of a great deal of Christian thought on the definition of faith. Faith is, in the eyes of perhaps the majority of American Christians, not “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11.1) but, rather, the substance of assurance, the evidence of lacking doubt.  This view of faith,… Read more →


Some Conversational Tips for Controversial Bloggers

I watched this morning in a bit of horror as evangelical blogger Matt Walsh created an internet firestorm with his recent blog post entitled Robin Williams Didn’t Die From a Disease, He Died from His Choice. The post, at current, holds over 3,100 comments (I’m lucky to get one on my page!) on the blog itself, much less on his… Read more →


The More Knowledge, The More Pain

Remember: In much wisdom is much aggravation;     the more knowledge, the more pain. – Ecclesiastes 1.18 The words of the Qoheleth, the author of Ecclesiastes, pierced through me this morning. I sat and stared at them for a few minutes, unsure of what to do next and without any desire to read on. I’ve run over this verse a dozen… Read more →


What is Fundamentalism?

I recently made a complaint via social media about jumping into a dialogue with a “fundie.” Despite my inclinations not to (you know, that red blinking alarm that goes off inside your head), I opened a can of worms that needed to just stay shut. So there you go. Once again, I’m causing controversy! What a surprise… Of course, I… Read more →


Norman Geisler and His Inerrancy War

(As a Disclaimer: I really don’t like writing articles about specific individuals…like, I really don’t like it. I prefer to usually put things in more generic and abstract terms and treat the ideas themselves, without names attached except perhaps by mere citation. Unfortunately, there comes a point though where the idea and the person become almost indistinguishable and must, therefore,… Read more →


An Argument With N.T. Wright

I spent last night in a frenzy. Let’s just call it a nerd frenzy, because there’s only about 13 of us in the world that would do it. I heard something awhile back and, for some reason, it crossed back into my mind, debilitating my ability to actually relax or sleep. I had to get the the bottom of it!… Read more →


ABOUT ABORTION: ReThinking the Debate

James V. Heidinger II has published a must read new book entitled About Abortion: 10 Things a New Generation of Christians Should Know (Seedbed: 2014). As any reader of this blog knows, for as moderate or (occasionally) liberal as I am on certain issues, I am both religiously and politically conservative on the issue of life. I am pro-life–consistently. I do not think… Read more →


When They Tell You How Well You’re Doing

Over the past ten months since B passed there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of prayers offered up on our behalf. For those that don’t pray, thoughts and consolation have been extended routinely. Food has been offered, people have been gracious to watch the kids for a moment or two–or a several hours. Others have helped clean up a bit, as… Read more →