Remembering Our Story

A few years ago I got the chance to interview J.D. Walt, now the current head of Previously, Walt held the position at Asbury Theological Seminary as the Dean of Chapel. Before moving onto new ventures, I asked him one question: What is Worship? This is his response. I cannot tell you how much my view of worship and communion and community has changed over the past six months, so much now that I wonder how much I actually really believed this before. His words are a powerful reminder of what we often forget or, worse, what we are never taught.


  • wassup402

    Excellent! Additionally though – Not only is worship a reminder of who we are (present), it is also a reminder of what we once were – “such were some of you” as Paul wrote (Past.) And….not only does worship help us to remember our past and present, it is also a wonderful reminder of what is in store for us and our future with our Lord.