A New Year Resolution

7 billion people rang in the 2012 year last night and judging from the amount of new years resolutions which were made, most people are not really anticipating the end of the world (we do love our apocalypses though!). Whether this past year was a good one or not we hope that this next one is takes the cake. A year of success, little trouble, and, well, a year that we all finally reach that goal of getting in shape.

Just for the sake of devil’s advocate, let’s turn this around. How crazy would we be to wish a year of trouble for ourselves? What if we resolved to denounce fame, money, and success? What if we made a resolution to suffer with those that are suffering? This would be a strange thing indeed.
What if the Church resolved to do the same this next year? What if this year we made a resolution to suffer with those that we were seeking and pursuing? If we got in the mud; if we denied ourselves everything; if we entered into those troublesome stories of others? What if we resolved this year to live like God?Scripture tells us of a God who made a resolution, a covenant to redeem his people. It tells us a story of a God who sought to bring his people out of exile to the point that he entered into their world. He dwelt among us, making himself “nothing”, a “slave” (Phil 2) so that we can be reconciled to Him. God’s resolution brought him to the point of suffering with us and for us. His interest in success was not for himself; it was for us.

Would this year not be the best of them all?