St. Nicholas…The Beast (via Peter Enns)

I wanted to share with you part of Peter Enn’s most recent post on St. Nicholas. He tells us of receiving a St. Nicholas card while in Church this past Sunday and reading about the real St. Nicholas. In the midst of finals my time is pretty cut short (thus, blogging has taken a momentary hiatus), but this piece was pretty freakin awesome!! Click the link below to read the rest of Enn’s post:

On the back of the card read the following:

Nicholas was born in the 3rd century in Asia Minor. He used his entire inheritance tohelp the poor, sick, and children in need. He gave in secret, expecting nothing in return. He attended the Council of Nicea in AD 325. Greatly loved for his faith, compassion and care, he is venerated in both East and West.

OK., that’s pretty cool. He gave away his entire inheritance to those in need. I never knew that. I thought he had elves helping him or something, but I guess I got that part wrong.

The rest of the card really hit me and made me feel stupid and cheated for never having been taught this as a child.

Nicholas saved young women from slavery, protected sailors, spared innocents from excecution, provided grain in a famine and rescued a kidnaped boy.

Nicholas was a beast. Mother Teresa, Oskar Schindler, and Samuel L. Jackson all rolled into one. What an absolute crushing beast.

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