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Why Inerrancy Is a Bad Idea (Part 1): My Personal Story

(As a disclaimer, I am aware that sometimes people use the word ‘inerrancy’ in very different ways [cf. Witherington, The Living Word of God, Walton & Sandy, The Lost World of Scripture]. While as part of this series I will turn to such definitions of the term, my main criticism is simply that they are just not what most people think of… Read more →


When I Stopped Believing in God: How Doubt Gave Me Faith

“Purge the doubt.” That’s the general sentiment of a great deal of Christian thought on the definition of faith. Faith is, in the eyes of perhaps the majority of American Christians, not “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11.1) but, rather, the substance of assurance, the evidence of lacking doubt.  This view of faith,… Read more →


The More Knowledge, The More Pain

Remember: In much wisdom is much aggravation;     the more knowledge, the more pain. – Ecclesiastes 1.18 The words of the Qoheleth, the author of Ecclesiastes, pierced through me this morning. I sat and stared at them for a few minutes, unsure of what to do next and without any desire to read on. I’ve run over this verse a dozen… Read more →


Belief in God Really Isn’t THAT Important…

It’s a basic truism of blogging that controversial titles get more readers…so there you go. Now I request that you read on. In all conviction, though, I do stand by the title of this post, but let me explain. This morning was hard. I sat in the shower, steamy hot water beating on the back of my head. It was… Read more →

Apologetics Is Parasitic to Christian Proclamation

The following article is a piece by my good friend Jeremy Spainhour, a former M.A. Biblical Studies student at Asbury Seminary . He is a committed believer, a relationally involved youth pastor, and a solid thinker whom I respect immensely. As someone who does apologetics in some shape and form, I found this article extremely thought provoking and in need… Read more →


Dear Mr. Atheist…Let’s Have a Conversation (Part 1)

So I have eagerly been awaiting the review of my chapter in the book True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism from Mike D’s blog The A-Unicornist. I actually forgot for a while that he was doing a chapter by chapter review of the book that I contributed Chapter 13 to, but stumbled upon his review of it yesterday. My Chapter… Read more →

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Incarnational Apologetics

I recently wrote a piece for Seedbed (www.seedbed.com) on a solid Christian approach to apologetics, critiquing a certain brand of it and offering what I have found to be the most Christ-like. I’ve provided a generous excerpt and a link to the full article below. I cannot stress, for those of you doing apologetics, to take the time and ask… Read more →


When Apologetics Fails

  I began my education several years ago by enrolling in the Philosophy and Religion program at Appalachian State University. It was there that I endeavored to start a career in NT and early church history and it was in my last year that I began exploring the question of oral tradition in the first century. This is now where my… Read more →