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Dear Mr. Atheist…Let’s Have a Conversation (Part 1)

So I have eagerly been awaiting the review of my chapter in the book True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism from Mike D’s blog The A-Unicornist. I actually forgot for a while that he was doing a chapter by chapter review of the book that I contributed Chapter 13 to, but stumbled upon his review of it yesterday. My Chapter… Read more →

c.s. lewis

C.S. Lewis on Evolution

The following video is an interview I did with Dr. Michael Peterson on C.S. Lewis’ views on evolution. They are similar to my own, as Lewis proved to be a significant figure in understanding how I even think of the idea. Lewis is all to often ignored on the issue of science. We quote him extensively on so many other matters… Read more →


When Apologetics Fails

  I began my education several years ago by enrolling in the Philosophy and Religion program at Appalachian State University. It was there that I endeavored to start a career in NT and early church history and it was in my last year that I began exploring the question of oral tradition in the first century. This is now where my… Read more →