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TEN: Rethinking the Ten Commandments (Sean Gladding)

When you read so much literature written in a fairly abstract and academic tone, it’s always nice to have to have a book which reads in a conversational or narrative format. Sean Gladding’s new book Ten: Words of Life for an Addicted, Compulsive, Cynical, Divided, and Worn-Out Culture (IVP: 2014) was a pleasure to read for just that reason. Along the same… Read more →


BibleWorks 9: An Introductory Review

This is the first part of a four part series on BibleWorks 9, one of the leading Bible study softwares for your computer available. I’ve used it in my own study for years and the recent move from BibleWorks 7 to BibleWorks 9 has allowed me an opportunity to share a program that I think every serious student of the… Read more →

The Journey of Modern Theology (Review)

Here’s a book for my intellectual friends…either that, or it’s big enough that it can be used as a weapon. The Journey of Modern Theology: From Reconstruction to Deconstruction (IVP Academic: 2013), totaling 713 pages, is the third (non-official) volume of Roger Olson’s in his IVP theology series (the previous two being, The Mosaic of Christian Belief and The Story of Christian… Read more →

Ministry in the Digital Age (Review)

David Bourgeois has written an excellent little book on digital and social-media directed ministry entitled…(you’ll never guess…), Ministry in the Digital Age (2013: InterVarsity Press). The book is a total of 140 pages when the appendixes are included which, really, helps serve his purpose and reflects the fact that he knows what he’s talking about. Social-media and digitalization are largely a step… Read more →

The Easy Burden of Pleasing God (Review)

So, these days I don’t have much else to offer beyond a book review. Several are coming, as I’ve had a lot of reading to do and not so much personal writing time, so I hope that you’ll forgive me for my absence. One more month of this crazy semester and things will be a good bit more active on… Read more →

God, Freedom and Human Dignity

So, as I’ve fallen a little bit off the edge of the blogging world. That’s okay. Between work, school, and family life I’ve been a bit swamped, as you may be able to tell from the long standing Guest Post by Jeremy Spainhour on why he thinks apologetics is inimical to Christian proclamation. I will, in due course, respond to his… Read more →


The Evolution of Adam: Was Adam Historical? (Book Review)

I have waited for this book for a long time. Peter Enns has recently written a very controversial book entitled The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say About Human Origins. As one might already guess, for a Christian to put the term “evolution” and “Adam” together in an implied affirmative manner will, no doubt, churn heated discussion,… Read more →

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“Ashamed No More” (Review) – Part 3

In this last installment of my review for T.C. Ryan’s book Ashamed No More I want to touch on the final chapters of Ryan’s journey (Part 1 and Part 2). The book, for those who have not kept up to steam with the review, is one of the best approaches towards the topic of sex addiction and pornography I have seen, and… Read more →

ashamed no more

“Ashamed No More” (Review) – Part 2

In part 1 of this review I introduced and covered the first few chapters of T.C. Ryan’s excellent book Ashamed No More (2012, InterVarsity Press). I want to continue the review by picking up in chapter 5. If you have felt up to this point that you have not really understood the backdrop for Ryan’s story, here you will find it. In… Read more →

Ashamed No MOre

“Ashamed No More” (Review) – Part 1

T.C. Ryan’s book Ashamed No More: A Pastor’s Journey Through Sex Addiction (IVP, 2012) is a breath of fresh air. A clean, crisp, slightly cool (but not too cold) breath of fresh air. Reading this book has been like living in the mountains again! As one who struggled with pornography for about ten years, I read a number of popular books on… Read more →