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Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, 1925

Bryan College and Creationist Politics

There has been an insider discussion the past week or so on a turn of events at Bryan College, a small Christian college located in the equally small town of Dayton, TN. If the name of the college sounds familiar or the town rings a bell of curiosity, it’s because it was in Dayton, TN that the one of the… Read more →


The Evolution of Adam: Was Adam Historical? (Book Review)

I have waited for this book for a long time. Peter Enns has recently written a very controversial book entitled The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say About Human Origins. As one might already guess, for a Christian to put the term “evolution” and “Adam” together in an implied affirmative manner will, no doubt, churn heated discussion,… Read more →

c.s. lewis

C.S. Lewis on Evolution

The following video is an interview I did with Dr. Michael Peterson on C.S. Lewis’ views on evolution. They are similar to my own, as Lewis proved to be a significant figure in understanding how I even think of the idea. Lewis is all to often ignored on the issue of science. We quote him extensively on so many other matters… Read more →


C.S. Lewis and the Myth of Creation (Part 3)

Now, it’s true that Lewis might describe himself as a creationist in the sense that he believed “God created” and was the source of all existence, except for His own. After all, he states, “No philosophical theory which I have yet come across is a radical improvement on the words in Genesis, that ‘In the beginning God made Heaven and… Read more →


C.S. Lewis and the Myth of Creation (Part 2)

Lewis believed that creation itself was an essential belief for one to be considered a Christian. Unlike many of his twentieth century contemporaries, Lewis did not advocate that one must believe in a particular model of creation. He merely believed that a proper belief in Christian theism entailed the belief that God, the highest supernatural being, had to be distinct… Read more →


C.S. Lewis on Evolution and The Myth of Creation (Part 1)

It would be adamantly wrong to suggest that C.S. Lewis ever saw any tension between the findings and discoveries of the scientific world and the truth which Christian theology tells. The dichotomy which exists between the two areas in question is only present in terms of what they told us about the world, not in their ability to relay truth.… Read more →