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The More Knowledge, The More Pain

Remember: In much wisdom is much aggravation;     the more knowledge, the more pain. – Ecclesiastes 1.18 The words of the Qoheleth, the author of Ecclesiastes, pierced through me this morning. I sat and stared at them for a few minutes, unsure of what to do next and without any desire to read on. I’ve run over this verse a dozen… Read more →


Belief in God Really Isn’t THAT Important…

It’s a basic truism of blogging that controversial titles get more readers…so there you go. Now I request that you read on. In all conviction, though, I do stand by the title of this post, but let me explain. This morning was hard. I sat in the shower, steamy hot water beating on the back of my head. It was… Read more →

armour of god

Incarnational Apologetics

I recently wrote a piece for Seedbed (www.seedbed.com) on a solid Christian approach to apologetics, critiquing a certain brand of it and offering what I have found to be the most Christ-like. I’ve provided a generous excerpt and a link to the full article below. I cannot stress, for those of you doing apologetics, to take the time and ask… Read more →


Break Your Knees: How Christian is Our Christian Music

Throughout my teenage and adult life I have complained (yes, that’s the right word) that Christian music isn’t what it should be. That is, that the Christian industry has largely failed to produce music which is a genuine testimony to what it is that we’re proclaiming. From my earliest days I couldn’t stand the Christian radio stations. It seemed to… Read more →


Existential Reasons For Belief In God (Book Review)

If you ever wanted a book to impress your girlfriend by how smart you are, Clifford William’s Existential Reasons for Belief in God will do the trick…either that or she will want to break up with you because you’re just that nerdy. The title of the book presents no illusion or mystery to it’s inside contents. A creative cover image, not… Read more →


On Religions and Miracles (Part 1)

On Other Religions and Miracles (Part 1) There is an innate feeling of uneasiness when it comes to hearing miracle claims of other religions. Something within us wants to argue that the only legitimate place to encounter the miraculous is within Christian contexts. We often find it necessary to argue that adherents to these miracle claims have somehow been deluded—in… Read more →


Now Here’s a Good Presidential Ad…

Whatever your political committments, we have all seen too many campaign ads which tend to the ‘attack the other opponent’ method. Instead of solidly contributing to the political debate of where our country is headed, most campaign ads–in my opinion–merely come off as annoying, antagonistic, sound-bytes from one particular voice over another. I would rather see my contribution dollars go… Read more →

Faithless Christian

The Faithless Christian

 The Church and culture seem to be butting heads more and more everyday and it is leaving some people scratching their heads in wonder.  But on the other spectrum we have Facebook religion statuses stating that people are “Christians” yet they lead lives that are only a shell of that name.  The gauntlet has been thrown down it seems, religion… Read more →


When Apologetics Fails

  I began my education several years ago by enrolling in the Philosophy and Religion program at Appalachian State University. It was there that I endeavored to start a career in NT and early church history and it was in my last year that I began exploring the question of oral tradition in the first century. This is now where my… Read more →