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What is Fundamentalism?

I recently made a complaint via social media about jumping into a dialogue with a “fundie.” Despite my inclinations not to (you know, that red blinking alarm that goes off inside your head), I opened a can of worms that needed to just stay shut. So there you go. Once again, I’m causing controversy! What a surprise… Of course, I… Read more →

Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, 1925

Bryan College and Creationist Politics

There has been an insider discussion the past week or so on a turn of events at Bryan College, a small Christian college located in the equally small town of Dayton, TN. If the name of the college sounds familiar or the town rings a bell of curiosity, it’s because it was in Dayton, TN that the one of the… Read more →


TBN: Ready to Video Tape Jesus’ Return??

I recently stumbled across a Young Turks video which alleged that TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and Daystar Television Network have acquired live feeds to record the second coming of Jesus. I checked it out and, indeed, it’s true. Daystar has, in fact, had a live feed going for some time and recently TBN purchased a building near them. The location?… Read more →


Bonhoeffer in America (w/ Eric Metaxas)

Below is part of a video interview I did with Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet Spy. I cannot recommend this book enough and its significance for the Christian today. Here Eric talks about Bonhoeffer’s second trip to America and the effect it had on his eventual martyrdom. Bonhoeffer was almost prophetic when he said, “When Christ calls a man,… Read more →