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Meet My Friend Artie (Part 2)

Back a few months ago I asked my friend Artie to do an interview on the blog. I wanted to spread the posts out throughout the past year but life just got really hectic and I did a terrible job organizing out any sort of posting schedule (Post 1 can be found HERE). To Artie, my apologies for inconsistency. Indeed,… Read more →


An Argument With N.T. Wright

I spent last night in a frenzy. Let’s just call it a nerd frenzy, because there’s only about 13 of us in the world that would do it. I heard something awhile back and, for some reason, it crossed back into my mind, debilitating my ability to actually relax or sleep. I had to get the the bottom of it!… Read more →


Those Godless Pro-Lifers (Or Meet Our Secular Friends)

As one who is passionately pro-life and always has been, I’ve never seen it as a necessity, nor even good practice, to begin the defense of life from theological grounds (unless you believe in God, what use is it to tell somebody what God thinks?). Science and philosophy are adequate enough to show that the fetus is a life and… Read more →


Remembering Our Story

A few years ago I got the chance to interview J.D. Walt, now the current head of SeedBed.com. Previously, Walt held the position at Asbury Theological Seminary as the Dean of Chapel. Before moving onto new ventures, I asked him one question: What is Worship? This is his response. I cannot tell you how much my view of worship and communion and community… Read more →

Did Jesus Exist?

In combination with Craig Keener’s latest article for The Huffington Post on the question, I wanted to repost the interview we did with him on this very question. Enjoy! Yet, valuable as examining such historical evidence is, we must return to where we started. Logically, why would Jesus’ followers make up a Jesus to live and die for? Why not… Read more →


Interview in Summit Journal

Check out Summit Ministries recent interview with Randy Hardman of The Bara Initiative HERE. I talk about apologetics, faith, culture, The Reason Rally (and our book True Reason), and why it’s important to know why you believe what you believe. For the record, there were two inaccuracies in the interview. First, neither Sam nor I actually attended the Reason Rally. We… Read more →

On Jesus

On Jesus

Check out our first video entitled ‘On Jesus’ with John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell. Some great thoughts on how we view Jesus, the world, and the coming Kingdom of God. Share your thoughts and repost this where you can! Read more →