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Jesus Kills Silence

The past four or five weeks have been more difficult than I could ever have imagined. I thought with time that things were supposed to get easier; at least that’s what some people said. I don’t think that’ s true. If by easier they mean more routine, more normal, than I guess they’re right. Things have gotten more routine. But… Read more →

why does christ matter done

Why Does Christ Matter

About a year ago this time, Todd LaBerge and I got the chance to interview John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell on the question, “Why Does Christ Matter?” Check out what they have to say and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. After a short hiatus, we’ll be putting up videos again within the week. Read more →


Was Jesus Adopted by God?: Contra Bart Ehrman

Imagine you and your spouse went out on a Friday night several years ago to one of those highly anticipated Billy Graham Crusades. As was usual, Graham planned out his Crusades with careful thought and precision. He sent ahead evangelists to ready the people; he wrote out and memorized what he was going to say so that it was as… Read more →


Did Jesus Exist?

  Bart Ehrman, the Dean of Religious Studies at UNC, takes issue with the objection that Jesus of Nazareth never existed. A very popular notion growing in much of the anti-Christian literature, it is no small deal that an agnostic/atheist scholar like Ehrman goes after the ‘mythicists’ to debunk claims that Jesus was made up. Ehrman is one of the… Read more →

Burial of Jesus

Where in the World Did Jesus’ Body Go?

“With regards to the body of Jesus, by Easter Sunday morning, those who cared did not know where it was, and those who knew did not care.” (Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography, p. 158)” – J.D. Crossan In the years that I have been studying the NT and arguing for its general reliability, I have seen this statement thrown out dozens… Read more →

On Jesus

On Jesus

Check out our first video entitled ‘On Jesus’ with John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell. Some great thoughts on how we view Jesus, the world, and the coming Kingdom of God. Share your thoughts and repost this where you can! Read more →


On God Becoming Man

It’s been said over and over again and yet, ironically, it appears to be an increasingly forgotten notion: remember the reason for the season. Christmas is, primarily and supremely, a celebration of the incarnation of God. This is not merely a celebration of Jesus’ birth but a celebration of God’s own assumption of the human flesh (contra docetism). What often… Read more →