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An Argument With N.T. Wright

I spent last night in a frenzy. Let’s just call it a nerd frenzy, because there’s only about 13 of us in the world that would do it. I heard something awhile back and, for some reason, it crossed back into my mind, debilitating my ability to actually relax or sleep. I had to get the the bottom of it!… Read more →

Is the Resurrection a Parable?

“Emmaus never happened. Emmaus always happens.” This quote (197), from J.D. Crossan’s popular book Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography (HarperCollins, 1995), characterizes a view which is becoming increasingly popular in our seminary programs, theological schools, and our churches. There is this funny notion that post-Enlightenment thought has rid us of any ability to rationally believe in something like “the resurrection of Jesus”… Read more →


Miracles: The Raising of the Dead

In a recent video with Craig Keener, he talked about a particular resurrection/resuscitation miracle. The video is below (I encourage you to watch it) but given both the credentials of the doctor and the fact that the story exists in a couple different places, I thought it would be worth recounting Keener’s description. The following is taken from pages 577-78, 667… Read more →

Burial of Jesus

Where in the World Did Jesus’ Body Go?

“With regards to the body of Jesus, by Easter Sunday morning, those who cared did not know where it was, and those who knew did not care.” (Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography, p. 158)” – J.D. Crossan In the years that I have been studying the NT and arguing for its general reliability, I have seen this statement thrown out dozens… Read more →