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When They Tell You How Well You’re Doing

Over the past ten months since B passed there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of prayers offered up on our behalf. For those that don’t pray, thoughts and consolation have been extended routinely. Food has been offered, people have been gracious to watch the kids for a moment or two–or a several hours. Others have helped clean up a bit, as… Read more →

Social Justice

How Christians Can Win Back My Generation

In a recent post entitled Why My Generation is Leaving Christianity, I attempted to outline a number of reasons why so many of my peers are walking away from the faith. The benefit to writing this seemed quite obvious to me and has been confirmed by the feedback the post received from both believers and non-believers alike. I am not a… Read more →

social justice

John Wesley on Justice and Mercy

These days the concept of ‘social justice’ is thrown around with a great deal of flimsiness and misrepresentation but it was obviously something which the great evangelist John Wesley agreed to and promoted in his own life and writings. Yet Wesley’s view of social justice, which inherently carried notions of mercy and justice, has often been by misunderstood by contemporary… Read more →