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When I Stopped Believing in God: How Doubt Gave Me Faith

“Purge the doubt.” That’s the general sentiment of a great deal of Christian thought on the definition of faith. Faith is, in the eyes of perhaps the majority of American Christians, not “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11.1) but, rather, the substance of assurance, the evidence of lacking doubt.  This view of faith,… Read more →


When They Tell You How Well You’re Doing

Over the past ten months since B passed there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of prayers offered up on our behalf. For those that don’t pray, thoughts and consolation have been extended routinely. Food has been offered, people have been gracious to watch the kids for a moment or two–or a several hours. Others have helped clean up a bit, as… Read more →


Triumph By Testimony (Jessica Kelley)

I recently posted an article by blogger Jessica Kelley entitled Where His Stocking Should Be. I hadn’t gotten the chance to listen to her testimony yet. Today I did. This is, hands down, one of the most incredible testimonies I have ever heard. Watch this. Wrestle with it. Let it soak into you. Read more →


God in the Darkness

“Will my eyes adjust to this darkness? Will I find you in the dark – not in the streaks of light which remain, but in the darkness? Has anyone ever found you there? Did they love what they saw? Did they see love? And are there songs for singing when the light has gone dim? Or in the dark, is… Read more →


And I Began Dying…

Taking things for granted. I’ve become convinced of the fact that we don’t actually know what it is that we believe until it’s ripped away from us. It’s like a child with a toy. They don’t want it until it’s taken away…that’s when you know that the attachment is real. We’re taught from such an early age that we don’t… Read more →

Jesus Kills Silence

The past four or five weeks have been more difficult than I could ever have imagined. I thought with time that things were supposed to get easier; at least that’s what some people said. I don’t think that’ s true. If by easier they mean more routine, more normal, than I guess they’re right. Things have gotten more routine. But… Read more →


The Problem with Time

It’s strange how death hits you at various stages. I am not sure where I am, though I suspect that those stages are much more blurred than they are distinct. But I do know that what I could not do a month ago, I now can do. Some of the complexities of life have now become the norms, the habits,… Read more →

beauty from ashes

To Lose a Wife

This is the first post that I’ve written in over two months. I do not know how long it will be till I write again, though I know I will. I’ve meant to several times, but there is a handicap in doing the things that you used to love. Reading, writing, listening to music, laughing…The window of desire for things… Read more →


The Evil God (with Todd LaBerge)

My good friend Todd LaBerge did a video for me last winter on the subject of pain and suffering and how we see God in it. Todd is one of the best men that I know, an excellent film-maker, and a committed follower of Christ. If you want authenticity, you find it here. The way that he wrestles with the… Read more →