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Remembering Our Story

A few years ago I got the chance to interview J.D. Walt, now the current head of SeedBed.com. Previously, Walt held the position at Asbury Theological Seminary as the Dean of Chapel. Before moving onto new ventures, I asked him one question: What is Worship? This is his response. I cannot tell you how much my view of worship and communion and community… Read more →


Break Your Knees: How Christian is Our Christian Music

Throughout my teenage and adult life I have complained (yes, that’s the right word) that Christian music isn’t what it should be. That is, that the Christian industry has largely failed to produce music which is a genuine testimony to what it is that we’re proclaiming. From my earliest days I couldn’t stand the Christian radio stations. It seemed to… Read more →


Life Together: Community Driven Ministry

Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s excellent book, Life Together, stands as an excellent devotional reading for Christians of all generations.  As one who experienced the gallows under the Gestapo, Bonhoeffer stands as an inspirational light to those who experience the darkness which life can often bring. It is his contention, however, that life is not meant to be isolated and individualized. It is meant to… Read more →