Voting Progress: The Church of England and The Denial of the Woman Bishop

This is a good but brief letter from N.T. Wright (research professor at St. Andrews) on the Church of England’s decision to deny women to the role of bishop. The Anglican denomination has already voted to allow women to serve in bishop roles in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, but the recent vote in England led to many outcries that “progress” was being hindered.

N.T. Wright responds with some wise words which will hopefully place the entire discussion in some appropriate context. Below is an excerpt. Read More Here

So what is the real argument? The other lie to nail is that people who “believe in the Bible” or who “take it literally” will oppose women’s ordination. Rubbish. Yes, I Timothy ii is usually taken as refusing to allow women to teach men. But serious scholars disagree on the actual meaning, as the key Greek words occur nowhere else. That, in any case, is not where to start.All Christian ministry begins with the announcement that Jesus has been raised from the dead. And Jesus entrusted that task, first of all, not to Peter, James, or John, but to Mary Magdalene. Part of the point of the new creation launched at Easter was the transformation of roles and vocations: from Jews-only to worldwide, from monoglot to multilingual (think of Pentecost), and from male-only leadership to male and female together.